Loudenne “Fantaisie” Case

The Loudenne “Fantaisie” Case brings in a glamourous and eccentric style to the tasting of the great Médocs from château Loudenne, and the festive spirit – cultivated by the renowned Bordeaux “pink castle” – in an amazing case

Wooden case sheathed with turquoise ostrich leather and black calfskin, with leather tassels and vegetable ivory buttons, on a metal stand.

It contains four great red Loudenne vintages, four Baccarat glasses, and a sommelier accessories pouch, a smartphone stand and a gramophone

Loudenne / Photo : Loudenne.

  • Closed : H 38 cm x L 48 cm x P 48 cm
  • Opened, front : H 38 cm x L 116 cm x P 58 cm env.

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